Am I eligible?

Public Sector organisations are owned and operated by the Government to provide services within the UK. Below are just some Public Sector examples within which you may be eligible for a Motor Source discount.

To confirm your personal eligibility, please get in touch.

Government Services, including local councils

Public Sector departments, e.g. BERR, DCSF, DCLG, DCMS, DEFRA, DIUS, DfT, DSTI, DWP

Child Support Agency

Crown Prosecution Service

Environment Agency

HM Treasury

The Home Office

The Highways Agency

National Audit Office and Audit Commission

Ministry of Justice

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

Intelligence and Security services, including MI5 and MI6

If you currently serve in, or are retired from any of the following, please see below for your dedicated offers:

Police & Prison Services
Fire & Rescue Services
Healthcare, including NHS
Teaching and Education Services

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